Valentina’s Atelier

Proud to be
Made in Valenza

Every design by Valentina Callegher is entirely produced in her atelier in Valenza. The production process is 100% made in Italy: a reason to be proud of and an extra value to the Italian design which is appreciated all over the world.

The jewelry masters in Valentina’s atelier have a strong knowledge in the Italian jewelry tradition, specially of Valenza’s. These ancient techniques are passed over from generation to generation: in Valentina’s atelier a joung jeweller who wants to learn this job always seats close to an expert worker who supervises  him.

The respect for the tradition is essential for the creation of a piece of jewellery. You are able to tackle any kind of production at best, specially as far as  tailor made and customized designs are concerned.

“I still get excited when i see a blue piece of wax getting shape under the expert hands of my jewelry masters“ says Valentina Callegher

When art
takes new shapes

This is how a  piece of art is born, like a sculpture, where handskills and natural talent make the difference.

Nevertheless the atelier pays attention to the new technologies, which enhances handworks very much and give an essential support. The precison of Cad design and the quick production with 3D printers help optimize costs and time of production to meet the market requests.

The combination of handskills and new technology makes it possible for Valentina to gather in her atieler all the steps of production, from design to the finishing.
This is the only way to create real pieces of art, perfectly detailed , that Valentina can follow step by step from her idea to the moment of sale.

RJC certification

DIGO Srl is an RJC associate member, see documentation.

The Responsible Jewelery Council (RJC) is a non-profit organization that deals with regulations and certifications in the diamond, gold and platinum chain.
The vision is that of a globally responsible supply chain that fosters trust in the global high jewelery and watchmaking industry.

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